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How To Make Fog Juice

Fog juice is the colloquial term for a fluid specially formulated for fog machines. A fog machine  is a device that emits a dense vapor which is similar in appearance to fog or smoke. Artificial fog is commonly used for entertainment purposes, though it has uses for pest control and fire drills as well. Heated fog machines use either an inert gas like carbon dioxide or nitrogen to propel a fog solution of glycol, mineral oil, or water-glycol mixture into a heat exchanger, where the solution is vaporized.

The most common form of heated fog machine is the pump model. Its basic form consists of a fluid reservoir, an electric pump, and a heat exchanger. The fluid reservoir is the repository of the fog juice, while the pump will move the fog juice into the heat exchanger. The exchanger in turn will vaporize the juice. More complex models may include other features, like variable speed pumps to control the fog output, timer modules, or components for remote operation and status monitoring.

The formula for fog juice are as follows:

To create a Heavy Fog:
90% Propylene Glycol
10% Water or 35% Dipropylene Glycol
35% Triethylene Glycol

To create a Standard Fog:
40% Propylene Glycol
60% Water

To create a Fine Haze Fog:
15% Glycerin
85% Water

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